July 2013

This Year the 8th STT Saxonian Telescope Starparty takes place at the youth hostel of Strehla. In this great location around a old windmill we invitet astronomers and naturefans to visit us one weekend. There where many kinds of telescopes at the STT and the biggest was from a astromer from Kiel with 30 inch of diameter. Also our 20 inch telescope giant was there and together with all the other guests we enjoy many hours of starhopping and deep sky observation in the nightsky. On Saturday there were also many speeches and reports of special interests and acitvities from other communities and clubs and so we all knew about each other and starts a familiar friendship with further clubs. The next STT will take place from july 25th – july 27th in 2014 at Youth hostel Strehla. Come and visit us like members from Austria and all parts of Germany.