The Club

Interested visitors should get the opportunity to get involved and to bring their active support to our Observatory. Primarily for children and students, the astronomical club is the contact point for astronomical education and sky observation. The club “Sternwarte Riesa e.V.” was established with 19 founder members on 28th October 2007. The main function of this nonprofit association is the promotion of education by offering popular astronomy.

About the future

From this point of view, the future of our club is unsecure at the moment. Concept ideas, innovation, long-term experience and close cooperation with neighboring clubs or observatories are the basic fundament for our future. At the moment we are working on a plan including the construction of an “astronomic centre” with a big planetarium, in order to create a platform for education, culture and astronomy. To fulfill our dream we are looking for sponsors and we collect donations to create something new for the whole region.

Living Science

Here you will find the application for membership of the club “Sternwarte Riesa e.V.” in German: Become a member now!