Venus and Jupiter

On the 30th of June, 2015 the narrowest meeting of both bright planets was to be observed and both approached up to 0. 3 °, so less than 1 lunar diameter in the sky. A spectacular and extremely rare sight. Already in the day sky the planet pair in the blue sky could be discovered. Long before these were to be seen with the naked eye, one could see in the telescopes both planets. The special in it: one looks by the telescope with strong enlargement (50 – 130x) and could marvel at at two planets from the first sight in the eyepiece. There is this extremely seldom and only at such narrow meetings. To take both planets successively in the visor, is often the case and stood with observations of the last months in the observatory of Riesa firmly in the plan. However, to see from the first sight immediately 2 planets and in addition still both brightest in the eyepiece – THERE NEVER WAS THIS!